Marginus Morius

Book review: Elizabeth Blackpearl

Originally written in Greek, it was first published in 2012. It has received praise from scholars and has become a best seller with a second edition in Greece. It also has been translated in English and published in the UK and the US.A modern adventure of epic proportions. Despite it being a work of fiction, it is a treasure-trove of secret knowledge. The reader is required to extract it from the plot like precious gems, a feat impossible to accomplish in only one read.

This knowledge is revealed through an exciting journey that begins on a small Aegean island in modern Greece. This journey continues to the capital city of Athens, and later to India, the Monastic State of the Holy Mountain of Athos, the Vatican, and even to unpredictable states of being. It touches upon several current affairs, such as corruption in Greece during the years of financial crisis. It comes up against metaphysical questions that spark the journeys of the main character.

Since the beginning of June, five months have gone by, from the moment Odysseas was decided to be orphaned and to live without his mother’s great love. […]
“Madam, why did my mother die? Is it true that God took her?” […]
He got wind of some chatter, “She has been put to rest…”
“Yes there was no other mother like her…”
“It was God’swill, he took her near him.” they said again and again.

Margkinous Morious. Odysseus is a hero reminiscent of Homer’s famous one. The two share the same determination on achieving their goals, which, in this Odysseus’s case, is to fulfill his spiritual and emotional destiny despite political, ethical, and religious obstacles. It transcends theological, racial, and gender boundaries – even those of time and space.

  Margkinous Morious 

Lou is Odysseus’s guide and companion through his transformation. She is the daughter of a shipping tycoon and has a head start in her personal quest for knowledge. Their teacher, Verakios, a monk on the Holy Mountain of Athos, is a wise old man who recognized their potential and trained them. There also is a number of other equally interesting characters. The author manages to fascinate the reader and make them a witness to the epic quest of the main hero.

But he was so angry with Holy God and people infuriated him. Suddenly, a wish like a flame lit up within him. You will be resurrected just like Christ. But it was hopeless. He soon found out that things of that sort are only said but are not done. What took him a while to figure out was that there is no parting in real love. It withstands death. There are conversations that are interrupted but never end…

Book Details:

Title:    Margkinous Morious 

Author:  Stelios Chalkitis 

Publisher:   Ziti Publications

ISBN: 978-960-456-327-2

Pages:   528

Translated by Zoey Tsoura

Image editing: Panagiota Goutzourela

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  1. ”Ο ΛΟΥΣΗΡΟΣ” , ”ΜΑΡΓΚΙΝΟΥΣ ΜΟΡΙΟΥΣ ”, ”ΑΝΑΜΑΡΤΗΤΟΙ ΕΡΩΤΕΣ”, ”ANTE TRACTATUM” . Πραγματικά αξίζει ο κάθε άνθρωπος να αναζητά τον εαυτό του, και αυτή η συνέντευξη αποτελεί τροφή για βαθιά σκέψη. Mε απαντήσεις σε απορίες αναγνωστών


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